YES, IT’S REAL! Blast wheel with wet blasting system with no labor costs! AWB-01 automated wheel blaset doesn’t need operator to clean wheels because it’s automated. Just unload the wheel to the working area, program the time and other details, press the start button and you can walk away!
The AWB01 blasting machine by ACTON is suitable for shot blasting automotive alloy wheels, in a shorter period of time. This automated blasting cabinet has been designed to be simple to operate and produce excellent results.
AW-01 automated wet blaster can provide super fast and automated wheel blasting to prepare wheels for powder coating or painting ip to 20″. Perfect cleaning system even 2-3 minutes, depends on the shape and size. Automted cleaning system works by a special programic and robotic wet cleaner to take all of paint, powder, dirt, rust and tar from the wheel, it mean’s everything. After the cleaning process you can have a totally cleaned wheel with clean alloy surface.
Wet blasting doesn’t make any mess because no-dust and the water doesn’t harm the natural alloy material like a sand blasting. Wet blasting makes smooth and clean surface to be prepared for the next step, powder coating or painting.


AWB-01 Automated alloy wheel wet blaster
up to 20″

Automated and super user friendly operations, doesn’t need any skills to clean and blast wheel.  20 seconds needed to loaded the wheel and even 2 minutes to blast and clean wheels (more mess or checmicals, special wheel with contours may need more time but not significant) UK build high quality State-of-the-art technology.
Perfect wet blaster tosave labor costs even several ten thousand a year! AWB-01 automated wet blaster is a unique machine to blast wheel without operator, just upload the wheel, programming and start operation. The system takes that job automatically without any supervisors. Yor employee can take any other process meanwhile the blaster is cleaning the wheel. Easy maintenance and user freindly operation. Don’t hesitate to get it and save time, labor costs and blast even 50 wheels a day. Yes it can do that.

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– Wet blasting unit
– Operator panel
– Special customized wheel holder system
– Dust exractor air flower
– Turbine
– Media

– 220V 3 phases
– Turbine RPM: 2,900
– Power consumpiton: 12Kw
– Air flow rate: 600m3/hour
– Residual dust content:  up to 1Mg/N m3
– Dimensions: 49″x72″x87″