No better than open a mobile wheel repair shop. Junior Double can deliver high level wheel repair process in enter level because of all around bridge and 2 hydraulic pistons. Junior Double doesn’t have lathe and work by 110V single phase like a household equipment. Fixes wheels up to 24″ what can cover a huge piece of wheels on the market. Great and very simple level machine with manual detection. Extremely strong hydraulic system can deliver more power than needed to press or pull wheels where damaged and get fixed easy. Junior delivers complex repair movements because of all round bridge, double pistons and special spacers. It means no damage what can’t be repaired with this smart machine.

Available model
Junior Double 14D00

Best starter pack what  is available on the market. Small fingerprint, 100V electrical requirements, all around bridge, double pistons all those things make sense to grab this machine, put on a truck/trailer or just a Van and open a mobile wheel repair business. If you are a shop owner, Junior Double can provide better option than Junior S to fix wheels with a great investment and with an extremely short payback period. Junior Double needs more dollars than Junior S but all of machines can make enough money to get payback even a month! Just fix 2 wheels a day and your investment will get back to you almost a month! A business speaking about 1-2 years payback period by any investment, and we are talking about months. It’s valid for all of our straighteners. Yes, make $100,000 gross profit a year is a piece of cake just pick the best equipment what can meet with your expectations.


– Free online training and video. To get started as soon as possible, don’t waste time after you get equipment.
– Onsite training available. Our technician travel to you and train your staff in your environment.
– Free shipping in 6-12 business days from stock (Florida) or direct factory shipping approx. in 8 weeks.
– 1 year warranty for parts. We provide full warranty for parts except user faults.
– Worldwide shipping and training availability. Ask our price to ship your location all around the world.

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– All around bridge with piston holder and spacers
– Double pistons
– Factory centering and pushing head set (extra set available to order)
– Regular wheel mounting disc with screws and nuts
– Dial indicator holder, spike
– Wrench

– 110 V single phase model
– 1,5 kw hydraulic engine
–  Regular wheel mounting
–  Double hydraulic system
– Dimensions: 48.5″x17.0″x75.7″ (1233mmx430mmx1924mm)
Weight: 440 lbs (200kg)