Jumbo Double High level wheel straightener is the best solutions for repair wheel with double pistons but doesn’t need high investment like State of the Arts machines. Jumbo Double is a perfect solution for detailed wheel repair up to 26″ wheels. All round bridge can provide several dozens available position to press or pull wheels to get fixed. Extra strong hydraulic system provides enough power to fix wheel some of cases without heating. Fix lathe is perfect for cosmetic cutting, cleans wheel, cut lips, small damages from there. Jumbo Double customized for special operations (pressing, pulling) to fix all type of damages and technicians can’t lost any accessories because of built-in storage.   


Jumbo Double 8400

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Jumbo Double is high-level straightener with 2 cylinders and delivers easy and fast wheel repair process.
All around bridge has more than hundred position to push or pull wheels even same time with another hydraulic
cylinder what can be applied and use at the same time with another and get wheel fixed smoothly. 2 cylinders
can deliver complex movements on the wheel to fix serious or difficult damages easy and faster than average.
Jumbo Double perfect solution for businesses with high or low experienced technicians. Easy to learn how Jumbo
Double works and easy to use. Lathe perfect for cosmetic cutting pr finish wheels after multiple damages. Price
range is higher than medium level straigtheners but great investment if you want to fix wheel up to 26″, difficult
damages or just simple bent.

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– 2 hydraulic cylinders
– All around bridge with special cylinder holders and application points
– Sliding built-in storage
– Parallel lathe system for the cosmetic cuttings
– Regular mounting disc
– Factory centering and pushing head set, wrench and spare gaskets

– 220V single phase
– Rotating speed 250/min
– 1,5 kw hydraulic engine
– 1,1 kw movement engine
–  Dimension 80″x42″x83
–  Weight: 1,000 lbs