Zero dust wet sandblasting technology from Turkey. Customized for day to day activity to wheel repair businesses in automotive industry. Specially created wheel holder with 5 axis motion capability allows for easy access to any point and clean wheel’s surface what can provide users to clean all points and corners on the wheel without any issues. SayTech sand blaster system was designed exclusively to aid you in performing and excellent surface treatment operation. You can have complete control over your process thanks to the assisting tools included in the standard pack, which improves and provided long time operation. The machines tells you all you need to know because of PLC screen and operation control.
Build your system because we offer not a simple unit only, if you need a complex wheels slider line just tell us and we give you a great solution to clean tons of wheels a day without any useless movement. Please see attached photos to pick the best size and model for you!
Great option to use blasting to clean wheels and prepare for painting or coating process. SayTech can be the best partner to clean wheels day by day.


ST-S Simple unit Blaster
with different sizes

ST-C  Complex System
with rotary table

Dust free wet blasting system what doesn’t harm the surface against dry sand blasting. 5 axis wheel holder the best thing what you can imagine, no more headache to move and turn wheels inside the cabin to get the best results. Smooth and reliable operation can deliver constant results and PLC screen datas are supporting you meanwhile the operation. Great quality from Turkey, affordable solution for all type of businesses to get a high quality machine without any high investment. Strong and durable materials and system  makes more safety than the market average. Complex system offer from the simple unit to the wheel liner!

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1 year warranty for parts. We provide full warranty for parts except user faults.
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– Wheel wet sandblasting module (simple unit)
– Wheel slider line with holder (options)
– PLC screen with step locator and maintenance notifications
– 5 axis wheel holder
– 4 types abrasive (provided one in regular option)
– Wet slurry spray

– 220V single / 3 phase model
– Variable sizing (6 types of body from the small to extra big)
– up to 4m3/hour cleaning capacity
– 900 lbs rotary table loading capacity (not 5 axis holder)
– 26″ wheel diameter (base model capacity)
– Size: 51″x60″75″ (base unit)