Konig 5400 

Konig 5400 is the most popular straightener in U.S. because delivers the best balance between price and knowledge. This is a medium level wheel straightener what can fix wheels up to 24″ wheel’s diameter applied a parallel lethe system and has full (2 parts) bridge. Detect the damage with manual gauge or just a spike (old school but better because your eyeball), find the best shape of pushing head, apply electro hydraulic cylinder to the best position and fix all type of damages. Great solution with belt system and high RPM to make cosmetic cuttings on the lips, channels or take the pills out in any chrome wheels. Big but has a small fingerprint to place on a truck, trailer to open mobile wheel repair shops. 220V single phase system easy to generate a portable generator.


Konig 5400
Konigh 5400 + Polish Kit

Easy to learn and easy to use. 5400 the best option to open a wheel repair shop and realize even $100,000 gross profit a year compared more then 10 times less investment! It can worth yes? 5400 has everything else what need a great wheel repair shop to straighten wheels. apply Polish Kit and get a complex machine.
Order extra centering and pushing head set and make your repair progress better.

– Free online training and video. To get started as soon as possible, don’t waste time after you get equipment.
– Onsite training available. Our technician travel to you and train your staff in your environment.
– Free shipping in 6-12 business days from stock (Florida) or direct factory shipping approx. in 8 weeks.
– 1 year warranty for parts. We provide full warranty for parts except user faults.
– Worldwide shipping and training availability. Ask our price to ship your location all around the world.

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– 220V single phase
– V-Belt transmission with 250 rpm
– 2 support bridges
– Lathe for cosmetic cutting
– Dimensions: 55″x39″x63″ (1410mmx972mmx1605mm)
– Weight: 805 lbs (365kg). 

Step 1: Invest! Buy 5400
Step 2: charge $100 a fixed wheel (National average)
Step 3: fix 4 wheels a day (400/day)
Step 4: Work 5 days a week ($2,000/week)
Step 5: Get money back in 3 weeks (less than a month!!!)
Get financing, fix 2-3 wheels and your monthly payment get covered