No electricity? No problem! This is a great stand alone and portable unit to meet all mobile shops, wheel repair shops, detail and tire shops expectations.  Easy Round is a great solution to fix inner side of the wheel by a high pressured oil hydraulic system without any electrical requirements!  Easy Round works by a high pressure oil hydraulic system what operate by arms and manually. Easy to detect any damages the inner side of the wheels and use special shape repair tools to fix bent on the wheel and on the lips as well. This machine specially customized for small wheel repair shops or mobile shops with high quality materials. Easy Round Evolution can fixes wheels up to 22″ diameter and 10″ width, with an extension kits just inner side of the wheel. Unit weight around 40 lbs but it doesn’t make any trouble to place anywhere in the shop or mobile unit, even a back side on a pick up truck.


Easy Round Evolution with extension kit

No electrical requirement! No special or extra place needed to use! Smart and small solution fixes bents up to 22″. Oil hydraulic system can provide even 400 bar pressure but no need extra power to use machine because of hydraulic pump system. Stand alone but it can mount to the tire changer to get stronger standing and repair process. Great solution but not 100% perfect to fix any type of damages on the wheel. Easy Round is the best to fix bents inner side of the wheel and lips but can’t use for face side. Great solution with an extremely quick payback period and Easy Round can be a good partner to make additional income to any businesses in automotive industry!

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EASYROUND (4) copy



– Wheel repair unit
– Extension set for extra sized wheel up to 22″
– Holder cone
– Back holder
– Hydraulic arm
– Repair tools

– NO electrical requirement (use without any electricity)
– Working pressure up to 400 bar
– Weight approx 40 lbs
– Maximum width of the rim: 10″
– CE standards
– Oil hydraulic pressure system