Professional and Exhibition Awarded, called the Rolls Royce of CNC’s. Elegance can deliver everything what a user needs. Face cutting up to 28″ and side cutting up to 22″ diameter with digital  detection. Extremely user friendly system with Full HD touching screen and built-in camera what makes sense to get fully detailed and administered cutting and generate a e-mailable worksheet with before/after photo and other documentation like the type of the wheel, make and model of vehicle and location of the vehicle as well.
Can’t list all of extras what deliver the highest user experience like pro-mode, customized menu and program settings, dry cut, air flow system, 3 steps auto cutting, extra deep wheel cutting and extra curve detection. Just see videos to make sure how Elegance can do that. Change spinning and feed speeding to get different surface like totally shine and smooth or cut grooves. Fix zero point provide continuous probe and blade setup because user doesn’t confused to loose zero point when cut a new wheels it needed when change the blade for a new one only.
You don’t speak in English, not a problem just the change the language to Spanish, French, German .. you can choose more than Languagaes.. You need more language options? Just let us know and we add if it possible.
Elegance is a perfect solutions for any wheel repair shops, dealerships or any type of business where employees don’t have skills to cut, not a big room to be placed and keep eyes on the highest quality of cutting by a smooth and reliable operation.
OPTIWHEEL; the world first wheel optimalization software in Elegance and Charisma models. If you’re not satisfied with the scanned contour or have to change that, because of all around corbrush and no right spoke can be scanned. Open OPTIWHEEL and modify contour by your hand on the touching screen. Take the contour to the right lane or need a curve at the end of the wheel (lip), just go ahead, select the point and drag to the right place by your hand.
This program can be delvier a super fast and changable probing sensitivity as well. Setup the distance of the steps and change that meanwhile the prgram is scanning the face. Get it lower (1/4 times smaller) or faster (4 times bigger) what you did setup before.. It’s an incredible technology because if the wheel has a difficult shape (big curve and flat shape), the user can change  the speed and sensitivity several times in one scan progress.


– Free online training and video. To get started as soon as possible, don’t waste time after you get equipment.
– FREE Onsite training. Our technician travel to you and train your staff in your environment.
– Free shipping in 6-12 business days from stock (Florida) or direct factory shipping approx. in 8 weeks.
– 1 year warranty for parts. We provide full warranty for parts except user faults.
– Worldwide shipping and training availability. Ask our price to ship your location all around the world.

No machinery skills to use – operates with more than 10 different languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc.)  – OPTIWHEEL wheel optimalization – auto worksheet generation with before and after picture – deep dish wheel cutting – super deep wheel cutting (up to 12″, depends on the wheel shape) – changable scanning speed – 2 or more parts cutting (jump the gap) – built-in camera – auto 3 layers cutting – small fingerprint

Elegance meet all of expectations what can take it to the State of the Art category. Customized and designed for all
type of users with high or low skills as well. Easy operation can provide that business will not waste time and
money in operation and cutting quality as well. If you are not sure that our 35 minutes long training video can’t
provide enough information to use machine properly by beginners as well, our free on-site training service calm
you down that you are the best hands. If you buy Elegance CNC, our technician will travel you place and train your
technicians in own environment. (this 100% training options is valid by regular purchasing and travel to U.S. and
Canada, but if you are located in other countries we have onsite training options, just ask us.
Elegance will impress you because of operation, service and extra deep wheel cutting and high curve detection
availability, wheel optimalization program to change, modify the scanned contour.
No one same CNC in the market what can organize the best cutting expereince with a super user friendly system in more than 10 languages. Elegance is a European professional awarded CNC in 2022 and those extras takes it to the TOP OF THE WORLD!

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– left, right and center cutting blades
– ratchet handle with extensions
– 10mm and 3mm hex wrench
– cutting blade hex wrench
– Material chips holder
– External electric converter and stabilizer 

– 220V 3 phases (3 phase generator available to order)
– 1,1 kw axis motors
– 15″ max cut height and 0,001mm iteration and positioning sensitivity
– up to 20,000 jobs storage
– Dimensions and weight: 52″ x 64″ x 88″ and 2140 lbs
– ATEK closed circuit control system by Syntec