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Why CNC diamond lathe cutting needed in wheel repair?

If the wheel cut before, you don’t have any chance to restore wheel just cut it again. Some of wheel repair business has genius repair guy who can make magic and restore wheels without cutting, but if the wheel has ever cut before with CNC, you need to cut (reface) again. This process is necessary to use because more than 20-22% of wheel at the market has cut surface (beside painting of course). Don’t forget more than 300 million passenger vehicles being in service in U.S.


CNC lathe but diamond cut?

Yes. It called CNC Diamond lathe cut machine what exactly means that the blade (pin) has been made by diamond, but don’t give to your fiancé because you get trouble I bet! It is a industrial diamond look like a normal steel just treated, any diamond that is designated for industrial use, principally as a cutting tool or abrasive. Strong and can be used for the long term. Just imagine when the blade cuts 0.5mm material at a time. Regular blade can be dulling or broken. Industrial diamond cut it like the knife the butter.


Get CNC, it is a good investment?

All the time is a great investment just you need to pick the best machine for you! Just need to know not only cut wheels can be repaired with CNC, because you can cut a new design to a paint wheel. All our CNC diamond lathe cut machine has super easy and user-friendly system with step-by-step operation and auto/fully automated system therefore no need any skilled employee to use that. Save labor costs but spend a lot of course, but what a big investment means? Just cut 4 wheels a day and charge $150/each what makes you $3,000 gross profit a week, approx. $150,000 a year! Is it worth for you to invest a CNC what makes you payback around (or less than) a quarter year? We bet it is.


It is hard to operate a CNC?

NO! Our all of CNC Diamond lathe cut machines have super user-friendly system with step-by-step operation. I mean no any special machinery skills needed to operate CNC. All CNCs have touching screen and just need to press the next button what the system offers for you. Just setup starting point, ending point, safe distance and some of other scanning and cutting parameters and go. Super easy to learn and super easy to use. BUT, just in case that you’re make sure everything will be all right, all of you CNC will be delivered with a free on-site training. What means that our technician will travel to your location and train your staff in own environment. Yes, the price includes that service and no need to pay any cents for that. (Free on-site training service is available for U.S. and Canadian customers and valid for some of Latin American country only. Our on-site training is available worldwide, just need to ask price)


How the CNC diamond lathe cut machine is working?

Scan the face of the wheel (some of model can cut the side of the wheel as well), generate a cutting line from the scanned face and after cut totally same face like before. If the scanning works fine (starting and ending point setup fine) the customer can’t get any difference between a cut wheel and an existing wheel. Just need more attention with the cutting depth because CNC cut material out from the wheel, and if lot of material can cut from the wheel, more than needed the wheel structure and face line will be changed what gives some of difference between an original a recut wheel. For example, AMG wheels where if you cut a lot, you will cut the AMG logo out from the wheel, at this case if the damage is too deep, need to fill it up with alloy at first with a welder.


If I cut a wheel with a CNC Diamond lathe cut, I am ready or need more action?

Yes, need tone more action because need to take clear coat to the wheel. When you cut a wheel, the lathe will cut material out but clear coat first. Clear coat must be applied after cutting because it saves the material against the rust, sunshine, UW and other dirt and dust. But before you do that, don’t forget to clean the wheel perfectly because all the fingerprints will be showed on the wheel! Use our Ultrasonic cleaner to wash wheel perfectly even in 2-3 minutes. German made with German professionalism.


How much a CNC Diamond cut machine for wheels?

The range is wide but not so expensive you think. A popular CNC’s price in the market (I will not name that) $75-100,000 but those machines is not 100% customized for wheels and the operation is not super easy, but the time was changed. The new generations have been customized for wheels only with a good system and pricing so better than that. Depends on the knowledge the price is moving between $40-70,000 but some of model can be available under $40k. You no need to pay $70k to get a State-of-the-art machine, just ask our pricing and you’ll get surprised.