WR LSB-300 PRO for wheels and break rotor

The best solution for start your cutting business. This model has the latest laser detection system and easy and user friendly operation. LSB-300 is available to order with 220V single phase (mono-phase) model what can meet all of electrical expectations in U.S and Canada or other place on the world. Price include free electrical modification for local requirements. It is perfect for any shops or put it on a trailer and open mobile wheel repair whop (find ATEK Junior S, Junior Double, Kasier 5400 or Roller Maxi straigtheners as well). LSB-300 has a robust construction with reliable operation. 24’ macimum wheel diameter is a perfect for start wheel cutting business and medium deep lip cutting avaiability delivers more cutting experience than average.
Model can be delivered with regular jaws for wheel or special shaft for wheels and brake rotors as well. Yes this model can able to cut wheel rotors as well what make more benefits and options for business owners to realize more profit with this machine.

WR-LSB 300PRO up to 24 wheel diameter

– Free online training and video. To get started as soon as possible, don’t waste time after you get equipment.
– FREE Onsite training. Our technician travel to you and train your staff in your environment.
– Free shipping in 6-12 business days from stock (Florida) or direct factory shipping approx. in 8 weeks.
– 1 year warranty for parts. We provide full warranty for parts except user faults.
– Worldwide shipping and training availability. Ask our price to ship your location all around the world.

LSB-300 model contains all of needs what a small business owner needs. 220v mono-phase operation and small fingerprint delviers the best option for mobile businesses as well.  User friendly operation and laser detection is not an extra, this is a regular built what makes more benefits. Cut wheel or cut brake rotors? LSB-300 the best for you and realize more gross income than average. Cut wheel or brake rotors less than 10 minutes is not a problem with LSB-300.
One thing what you need consider before you pick the best what you deserved. Special shaft for wheels and brake rotors nee more attention and time to mount the wheel on, but after you can payback of course because special shaft model can able to cut wheels up to 24″ against regular jaws where the maximum size just 22″.

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– Regular wheel jaws or special shaft for wheels and brake rotors
– laser detection system and blade in a turnable head
– Safety door system and operation
– Wi-fi connection for remote maintenance
– Extra blades and pins
– Lubrication system

– 220V single phase model (mono-phase) or 220V 3 phase model
– GBLT22, the lates generation laser detection
– Spindle speed up to 3000
– Main motor power 3 kW
– Size: 73″ x 52″ x 68
– Weight: 2,500 lbs