If you have spare parts or orders some accessories just pick here and make an order. If you like multiply order, please let us know and we will get a special price for you


Extra centering set for ATEK straighteners
11 pieces of extra centering set can provide more possibility to mount wheels for straighteners between 75mm – 121 mm. Full set (original factory and extra set can cover 90% of wheel’s hub in the US market.)


Extra Pushing head set
20 pieces extra size pushing head set. 10/negative and 10/positive. Huge pushing head for one time movement. Just pick the best one what can fit for the wheel profile (up to 28 inches) and fix wheel 3 times faster than before. Extra pushing head used for ATEK wheel straighteners


Blade pin for ATEK straighteners
Blade pin for ATEK MAKINA wheel straighteners, model: 5400, 5700, Jumbo Double, Professional Digital, Professional Pangea. Double side, if you are not satisfied with the quality of cutting, change the side at first. If both of sides used, order a new one.


Wheel holder for ATEK straighteners

This holder delivers better repair because it will be applied on the bottom of the bridge side to the cylinder holder and hold it at the bottom line and the wheel loses flexibility. Hold the wheel at the bottom, wheel lost flexibility which makes a better repair experience, saves time and takes less pressing or pulling on the wheel to get wheel fixed.