Unique wheel repair system all around the world. Roller and straightener in one machine up to 19″! Designed steel wheel repair  -repair by rolling – but can fix alloy wheels with straightener system as well. NO SAME MACHINE ALL AROUND THE WORLD – what can straightening and rolling a wheel. Perfect solutions for repair shops, tire shop or GOVERNMENT (95% of government vehicles – police cars – has steel wheels. Just install the wheel and after you can start the rolling. 4 extra strong roller can make perfect job to fix steel wheels perfectly. Alloy wheels can be fixed with straightener or roller as well.
Steel wheels need more attention and sometimes different repair process to fix damages than alloy wheels. Roller delviers prefect, prompt and easy repair to fix stell wheel damages both side. Extra durable rollers press the bents back even in 2-3 minutes, just setup the wheel, install the rollers for the proper places and start process. Twist the rollers and wait meanwhile the damage has been fixed.
4 rollers (2 each sides) and an electro hydraulic cylinders is a great couple to fix steel and alloy wheels with the same mechine. See video how simple!

Available model
Roller Maxi 78D00

Unique machine all around the world with 2 in 1 system. Roller and straightener at a same machine is a great mix to fix steel and alloy wheels. 4 rollers has been specialized for steal wheels and deliver easy repair, just install the wheels, approach rollers step by step and the machine can do everything else. We strongly recommend this machine for Cities, Governments where the steel wheels’ cars being in service and high change to damage it. Roller Maxi can be a great partner any wheel repair shops or tire shops where need to fix steel or alloy wheels as well. No one any other machines all around the world, what can deliver same repair expereince with a roller system and an electro hydraulic straightener. 2 in 1, the best thing what you can imagine.

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– Roller system (inner and face side)
– Electro hydraulic cylinder
– Full support bridges
– Factory centering and pushing head set (extra set available to order)
– Dial indicator holder and spike
– Wrench, spare gaskets.

– 220V single phase
– Extra strong gear box transmission
– Rim rotating speed 98 RPM
– 1.1 kw hydraulic system
– Dimensions: 54.2″x44.5″x58.3″ (1378mmx1130mmx1480mm)
– Weight: 811 lbs (368kg).