MANAGER  (10-26″) 

Latest generation professional tire changer with new ergonomic head locking system with automatic setting of appropriate distance from the rim. Extra reinforced profile group can minimizes any scratch on the wheel, save profile and save performance wheels. Auto tilt back system and special hexahedron axis will provide the best locking and operation at the market. It can provide 2 times stronger and reliable locking. Reinforced automatic bead breaker ergonomically joints with shaped knife. All tire changer on the market has cored backup box but Manager. Manager created the first block what full of material what provide 5 times longer operation. Those block clams down the power and any movement on the bed breaker and save welding points on the material what can broken easy after couple of years operation. Manager is available auto lever, push and leave pedal and air tank, operates with high performance wheels up to 26″ inches.

MANAGER 22″ – 26″

Manager has been developed for high performance wheels with extra long operation. Squared axis and full material filled bead breaker back deliver 2-3 times longer operation than average. Both developments are unique on the market for the users convenience. Important that any equipment can deliver reliable and long time operation because of high durability. Manager is the perfect choice for any tire shop what keep attention for the quality, reliability,

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– Lever-less tire changer head (up to 26″ in different models)
– Air shocking system (optional)
– Assist tower and air inflator
– Auto tilt back with specialized axes
– Professional plus tower and head locking system

– Bead breaker 

– 220V single phase model with 1.3-1.8Kw motor
– 10-26″ wheel diameter
– Assist tower and air inflator
10 bar working pressure and 3,5 tons bead breaker force
– Size: 55.5″x45.1″x83.4″ (1410mmx1145mmx2120mm)
– Weight: 476 lbs (216 kg).