Pangea delivers the highest standard of wheel repair experience.  Automated wheel straightener fixes all type of damages both sides up to 28 inches wheel diameter and super wide wheels with touch-less system. The first wheel straightener with auto operated 2 pressing/pulling arms, 4 ways digital detection system and computer recommended wheel repair directions. Super easy operation and user friendly system. No need any special skills to repair wheels, easy and computer recommended operation can deliver the best results in wheel repair. Fix wheels less than 5 minutes in regular damages.
Perfect solution for any wheel repair, tire, body
 shops or dealerships where expected to work by the highest standards, need to provide fast and smooth working progress without any issues and technicians doesn’t need to have special wheel repair skills to use this machine and fix wheels.
Pangea is a limited Edition and custom build to make sure that you get the best machine in the highest quality!


Professional Pangea 3600 QC
(Quick Clamp)

Professional Pangea 3600
(Regular Wheel Mount)

2 pressing pulling arms using like repair or support arm – 4 ways digital measurement – computer recommended repair direction – easy repair process, no high wheel repair skills needed to use and repair wheels – wheel squezzing by 2 arms – 100% precise repair progress – super detailed job – super wide wheel repair avaiability – quick clamp
Pangea is one of the best wheel repair machine all around the world at this moment what can fix all types of damages. Can provide touch-less repair progress by operator panel maximizing your safety. Pangea can fixes super wide wheels even 18-20″, depends on the profile of the wheels. Doesn’t need any high skills to use because computer operated measurement and repair direction always support you what is the best way to fix wheels, and your technician can get experienced wheels by wheels to figured out what is the best practice and progress. Difficult or serious damages? No problem because 2 pressing/pulling arms can provide all type of movements what needed for get wheels perfectly fixed. may be with the same time movement . Before finish just use lathe to clean wheel, cut lips or make final steps to get absolute zero wobbling wheel.
Pangea has been designed for regular and precision work at the same time. It’s a typically money maker and a great investment to realize even $150,000 gross profit every single year because easy to fix even 5-7 wheels a day!

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Onsite training available. Our technician travel to you and train your staff in your environment.
Free shipping in 6-12 business days from stock (Florida) or direct factory shipping approx. in 8 weeks.
1 year warranty for parts. We provide full warranty for parts except user faults.
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– Wheel repair module with 4 ways auto digital measure
– Operator panel with digital screens
– 2 pressing/pulling arms
– Auto up and down lathe for cosmetic cutting
– Regular mounting disc / or optional quick clamp
– Factory centering and pushing head set, wrench and spare gaskets

– 220V single phase
– 1,5 kw hydraulic engine
– 1,1 kw movement engine
– Dimensions: 80.5″x41.2″x82.7″ (2045mmx1045mmx2100mm)
– Weight: 2080 lbs (970kg). Forklift for download may be needed!
– Weight quick clamp: 2250 lbs (1050 kg)