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Is it worth to repair wheels?
Definitely worth. Just the question is what kind of progress you pick. Straightening, CNC refinishing/refacing, Polishing or a traditional wheel repair process like refurbishing. It is necessary to see what kind progress is the best fit for your business, your valet and your staff knowledge. Straightening and CNC refinishing/refacing need less skills to fix bent or curb brush, polishing makes more mess (except vibration polishing), classic refurbishing has several steps, need good staff and lot of equipment, accessories.  

We recommend if you’re thinking to open wheel repair shop, keep your eyes on the straightening and CNC refinishing/refacing at first. 

Why would I be interested in opening a wheel repair shop or a wheel repair department?
Many people are not interested because they only see trouble and worry in it, but some people can see the opportunity. 1 wheel of 4 has some damage (bent, curb rush, painting damage), it’s a fact! Around 300 million vehicles were registered in the United States, it’s a fact as well. If we count with the 1 of 4 rules, it means 300 million wheels are waiting to fix potentially, and we don’t count with the new wheels and custom-made wheels market. It is worth for you?

Oops, just a little thing! The wheel is not a house what you buy once in your lifetime, if things happened a wheel need to be fixed 2-3 times in 5 years period because of bent, curb brush or any other small damage. It’s a huge market what can be repeated every few months! 

How can I see the potential market at my area?
If you have a tire shop, just ask your team, how many times happened when the balancer shows some of bent or damage on the wheel what can’t be balanced or need to put more weight than needed?

If you have a body shop or auto repair, just look around and check the wheels, how many wheels has any damage on it?
My team get several calls a week from different places in U.S. where the customers called us to ask help to find wheel repair shop nearby. But we can’t find. We had map some of States and areas where no wheel repair shop around 50 miles distance. But we found 8-10 tire shop and 15-20 body shops or auto service. If you are that are, you’ll have a huge target and business connections where you can get even 10-15 wheels a day.
There is no such thing as a lot, there is no such thing as a competitor because this market is extremely huge, like the gas stations. 4 corners have an intersection and 3 of 4 has been occupied by a gas station and all of that can make a good profit. 

What is the payback period if I open a wheel repair shop?
Shorter than you think. If you buy a simple wheel straightener in a low level, you can get moneyback even in a month. More money to spend, makes more time of course but don’t think about that it can take 2-3 years? Not. Don’t count how much you spend, just try to make a plan how many wheels can you fix a day. Just straightening or cutting or both, may be a whole refurbishing?

Let us take a good sample here with one of a worst case. Vibration polishing is one of the slowest processes because of 3-4 steps and takes around 5-6 hours / wheel. Fully polished like a mirror. If you pick our State-of-the-art Vibration polisher from Germany, what has quality, results and operation 2 times better than the competitors but the price also.
Just I am talking about the wheels and income, not the expenses. Vibration polishing takes 5-6 hours, 2 wheels a day, no more. How much you charge for a fully polisher wheel? Let’s count just $250 only. It makes $500 a day. If we count some labor, electrical and polisher material loss, the total payback period can’t be more than 7 months. Yes, it’s a worst case. A State-of-the-art straightener and CNC duo can make money for you that your payback period can’t be longer than 5 months if you fix just 5 wheels a day. 

Need high skills to straighten wheel?
Not at all. If you don’t have any skills to use wheel straightener no worry about that. Easy to learn and easy to use, that’s what describe our wheel straightener machines but some of machines need more experience than our State-of-the-Art straighteners. Professional Pangea and Professional Digital automated wheel straighteners has a pretty cool system what can help users to find the best repair direction to fix wheels, it’s called computer recommended repair direction. Speedy Round and EVO II. fully automated straighteners deliver a perfect repair system without any skills just operation.

Don’t forget, your skills will grow by every wheel get fixed. The skills are relative and most important that how you can operate machines, how analyze wheels and detect damages and how the machine reliable. 

What is the best straightener machine to fit my expectations?
Money talks of course but we would have some of other idea to pick the best equipment for your business needs. We take our straighteners 4 different levels like starter (or enter) level, medium level, high and State-of-the-Art. ALL of our equipment can make totally same job, no matter if it’s an enter level machine like Junior S or a State-of the-art equipment Professional Pangea. The end of the road is a totally same place just it is matter how you can walk or drive there! Lover levels need more attention, skills to fix wheels and takes more time. If you step to next level, you can save time because machine has more “knowledge” like assistance what can help you to do your job faster and with higher efficiency. State-of-the-art levels has automated (or fully automated) repair, digital detection and “dummy proof” system what can save time for you, helps fix wheels with less knowledge and more efficiency than lover levels. Just check before you pick: what is knowledge level? (Experience to fix wheels) how long time to have fix wheels? how many technicians will use the machine? what is the maximum size of the wheel to fix? How many wheels need to fix a day in average and what could be the top number?

If you want to save labor costs (Dealerships) or you could have tons of wheels to fix a day, take your process separate and get a fully automated/automated system. 

What is the best straightener for mobile shop?
Junior S and Junior Double are the best fit because small fingerprint and 110V single phase electrical but Konig 5400 could be fit as well because it has a lathe and lot of portable generators can provide 220V single phase electricity. If you’re thinking to open state-of-the art mobile wheel repair shop, you can put Speedy Round to the Van, trailer or small box truck.

Don’t forget, save place and pick the best option for you because needed to buy a balancer, tire changer at least to provide the best service.